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  Urine Leakage (Urinary Incontinence)

What is urinary incontinence?

Urinary incontinence is the loss of voluntary control over your urinary functions. This condition affects over 15 million Americans, 85% of whom are women.

Can urinary incontinence be successfully treated?

Yes, yes, yes…in many cases it can be cured.

What causes female stress urinary incontinence?

In women, this condition develops over time and slowly worsens. In many women, weakening of your pelvic muscle support is a major factor and it leads to insufficient function of your sphincter mechanism. Abnormal bladder function or activity may also be a factor. A thorough evaluation is necessary to identify all potential causes and to tailor treatment for your particular situation.

What are the treatment options for stress urinary incontinence?

Treatments options include exercises, medications, and surgery. All of these options have risks and limitations. It is important that your condition is evaluated so that a treatment plan can be formulated to your particular need. Treatment should be individualized. We do not practice “one treatment or procedure fits all.”

In the 21st century, surgery is very effective and should be very minimally-invasive. In over 90% of cases, surgery is either outpatient (home the same day) or just an overnight stay in the hospital. When seeking treatment and care, this should be expected to be today’s standard. The benefit you will have is cure of incontinence, easier and quicker recovery, and less hospitalization time leading to fewer risks such as hospital-acquired infections.

At Bay Area Urology, we are dedicated to provide you with individualized care and up-to-date treatment options. For an evaluation, please call us for a consultation appointment.



*  This information is not intended to substitute for a consultation with a urologist. It is offered to educate patients on the basis of urological conditions in order to get the most out of their office visits and consultations. Please see our web page disclaimer for addition information.


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